Learn how to gain and retain customers and get repeat bookings in no time at all. Whether you tutor in person or online, here are 3 simple tips to get you started.

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Send your unique CatchApp Bookings URL and share your availability, locations, durations and pricing. To grab the link, simply navigate to your dashboard and click “share your bookings link.”

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Simply copy your link and share! Easy.

Share your scheduling links

Try sharing your link through email. Your CatchApp Bookings URL can be used on any messaging platform, not just email. Whatever platform you use to promote your business becomes a place to insert your link: think newsletter, socials, SMS, client portal– you name it! Just copy and paste your link and then your invitee can schedule in seconds. Forget the faff of choosing a time. Say hello to frictionless booking!

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Edit your appointment times with ease.

Reach out to your clients with great messaging

“Here’s my scheduling link– just pick a time that works for you and avoid the back and forth.”

Looking for something more specific? Here are a few more message templates hand-picked for some of the most common meeting types:

Sales discovery call

“Thanks for your interest in [insert your product, solution, service]. Let’s schedule a call to talk more about your needs and how we can help. Click here [insert your unique URL] to see my earliest availability.”

Client check-in call

“How’s everything going with [insert your product, solution, service]? Just get in a time here [insert your unique URL] so we can avoid the back and forth and you can book a call at your convenience. We’re here to help!”

General networking

“I’d like to meet to discuss this further. Here’s my scheduling link so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time to meet. Easily choose the time that works best for you– looking forward to speaking with you!”

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Set your full schedule months ahead!

Schedule meetings right away with minimum effort

If your main communication channel is email…Consider adding your unique CatchApp Bookings URL to your automatic email signature with a call-to-action.

If you have good site traffic and want more inbound requests to schedule…It’s a great idea to embed your event type or landing page on your website. This will enable the easiest access for those you want to schedule with and can give you an increase in your meeting volume.

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Embed your link as HTML in your site!

If your goal is getting invitees prepared and qualified prior to the meeting…Then you may want to insert your link into the CTA at the end of a piece of content (like a blog or video) or the confirmation page of a digital form. You can use a form that has filter logic to only deliver your CatchApp Bookings URL to those who are qualified to meet with you.

Start sharing your link today

With flexible options, you can tailor how you share your link and deliver a customized experience that saves you and your invitee valuable time!

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