With the arrival of the New Year comes New Year resolutions.  It’s the question on everyones’ lips from the end of December and into the first few weeks of January. There’s no doubt that it’s a great time to reflect on the year just gone and think about what you’ve achieved. Did you do everything you wanted to do, go everywhere you wanted to explore?  Effective time management is key!

And it’s not all about work. It’s important to make time for your personal life and wellbeing too.  There’s only one way to help you achieve more in 2020 and that’s to be clear about your objectives and improve your time management. 

Most people I talk to are busy all the time. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for them to do everything they want to do. There’s pressure from all sides; work, family, hobbies, the occasional need to sleep. How can you get more from the time you have?

Productivity is a hot topic in the world of work at the moment. Several companies are streamlining costs by reducing the number of personal assistants and leaving tasks such as scheduling meetings to executives, who are already strapped for time. These busy professionals find themselves having to spend several hours a week scheduling meetings and phone calls in their calendar, creating a massive productivity gap of wasted time. We need to find new ways of working to reverse this gap.

In this article, I’ll show you five ways to regain those wasted hours.

1 – Download CatchApp

CatchApp is the all-in-one calendar management solution that minimises the time it takes to set up meetings.

The aim of CatchApp is to reduce the headaches that come with managing multiple meetings with different people, whether they’re personal catch-ups or work meetings. 

I knew something had to be done after it took me nearly two months of endless back and forth emails to schedule two days of meetings with people I wanted to see whilst at a conference in Berlin. Once I got back, I started working on getting the team and the technology together to create CatchApp.

Apple recently chose CatchApp to be its App of the Day for the US App Store. If you are serious about improving your time management, your first New Year’s resolution should be to download CatchApp.


2 – Effective Time Management with CatchApp

Now you have CatchApp on your phone, use it to schedule all your meetings for the next few days, weeks, or even months – in just a few minutes!

With CatchApp, you can set up as many meetings as you like, with as many contacts as you want, with just a few simple taps. CatchApp manages your availability, so you never double-book. Plus, it automatically syncs with your phone’s calendar, so you always know where you need to be. It’ll even send you and the person you’re meeting a reminder before your meeting, so no more no-shows!


3 – Set regular times to complete specific tasks

You are more likely to remember to do something and do it more efficiently if you make it part of your weekly routine. Then, it becomes a habit without you having to think about it.

Whether it’s a job around the home, like putting away the laundry or a task for work like scheduling meetings, set a time in your week to do it. Then, stick to it. 

Friday afternoon is a great time to think about your schedule for the forthcoming week and to arrange all your meetings. Or, maybe you prefer Monday mornings? Find the time that’s right for you.


4 – Batch similar tasks together

You might think you’re a brilliant multitasker, but trust me, you are better when you concentrate on one thing at a time. Avoid the ‘mental switching’ that happens when you try to do different types of tasks in a short time, by batching similar jobs together.

For example, when scheduling your meetings, classify the different types of meetings you want to arrange:

  • 1-1s
  • Coffee catch-ups
  • Skype video calls
  • Internal work meetings
  • Client lunches

Then, choose times for each type of meeting in one go, using CatchApp. It only takes a few minutes to get your entire week or month in order.

One more thing, don’t forget to effective time management means more time to spend with your friends and family!


5 – Protect your time, fiercely!

If you’re feeling the pressure of a busy life, like you’re being pulled in hundreds of different directions at the same time, you need to start taking control of your time. That way, you take control of your life and get better results.


Don’t give other people access to your calendar unless it is essential. Start saying ‘no’ more often if you feel the meeting isn’t crucial. Finally, run your meetings so they start and end on time.

You’ll soon feel that weight lifting from your shoulders.

What will you do with that extra time?

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting your life organised so you can make the most of it. It frees up time so you can do what you want to do; things that make you feel better, physically and mentally. Try it and see.

The New Year is a great time to create new habits. Let CatchApp help you make the most of 2020 and a brand new decade!

Have a great 2020! From Andreas and the CatchApp team.