How much of your week do you spend scheduling 1 on 1 meetings? Did you know that the average for working professionals is at least two hours? For people in meeting-heavy jobs, like HR and sales, it can be as many as four hours – that’s around 10% of the working week!

Seriously, that’s crazy. Imagine what more you could achieve with 10% more time in your working week. You could be winning more business, delighting more customers, growing your company, but instead, you’re playing email ping-pong trying to arrange meetings – getting stressed and frustrated.

What about all those phone calls? Liaising with PAs? Scribbling in your diary? Let’s not even get on to what happens when someone calls to rearrange, or you accidentally double-book yourself!

What if there was something that could reduce that four hours down to a few minutes? What if there was a way to automate your meeting scheduling, an easy way to set up all your meetings for the week with a few simple clicks on your phone? 

In this article, I’m going to explain how CatchApp can win you back those four wasted hours. So, get your phone out and give it a try. You won’t believe the time and stress you’ll save.

Unlock unlimited 1-on-1 meetings

How many 1-on-1 meetings do you have in a typical week? For me, I usually have five or six. Customers, prospects, suppliers, sometimes a quick coffee with someone I met at a conference. Usually, that will take tons of back and forth with calls and emails and a very messy diary.

Here’s how CatchApp makes it quick and easy to set-up multiple one-to-one meetings:

1 – If you haven’t done it already, download CatchApp from the App Store 



2 – Open CatchApp. (Welcome!)



3 – Hit the orange + button. Let’s make a meeting!



4 – Choose a 1-on-1 meeting.



5 – Add a generic title, eg  Coffee with – *insert your name*  


6 – Add a message to give some context for the person you’re meeting, but don’t make it too personal. (You’ll see why later.)


7 – In the ‘When’ menu, choose as many slots as you can during the week when you will be available to meet. CatchApp displays your up-to-date calendar to make it easy to see when you’re free. Try to give the people you want to meet as many options to choose from.


8 – Here’s the clever bit… In the ‘Who’ menu,  you can just select EVERYONE you would like to schedule a meeting with over the next week or month from your contacts list, which is integrated with CatchApp.  



9 – Press ‘Send Invite’ – and you’re done


CatchApp does the rest.


CatchApp sends a message to everyone you have invited to meet with you. The message will show them all the times you are available. They can select the time that is best for them and CatchApp.

• Sends a confirmation to you and the person you’re meeting

• Syncs with your phone’s calendar to block off your time

• Sends you a reminder nearer the time of the meeting

It’s that simple!  You’ve sent one generic invitation to multiple people in potentially multiple companies.  Your diary stays private – invitees only see the slots that you currently have free. Once they’ve chosen their slot, your calendar updates in real-time and the other invitees can only choose available slots. 

You will never double-book a meeting again! That’s CatchApp Scheduling, Genius!



Bonus tip – If you don’t use the calendar on your smartphone (maybe you’re old school and prefer paper diaries?) choose a regular time every week to update your schedule.

Become a scheduling genius with CatchApp today

Now you can see how easy it is to arrange all your different types of meetings for the week with just a few taps on your phone, what’s stopping you?

CatchApp helps you effectively plan your schedule with no ping-pong, no double-bookings and no stress. It’s super-easy to use, with clear directions to help you out. What’s more, it’s totally free!

Now, all you have to do is think about what you’ll do with all that extra time!