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Accept appointments,anytime.

Your booking page will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone can visit it, and book an appointment anytime! Only your available times will be viewable, and you can adjust these from your personal control panel.

Accept pre-payments

No need to chase payments again! You can set your bookings page to accept payment before your availability is offered. You set the price, your clients pre-pay, and the funds are deposited to your account.

Never double-book

Each time an appointment is booked, it’s removed from your available times. Never double-book your time again.

Timezones never an issue

Seamless timezone detection for your invitees, and for your page. Easy.

Save your time!

Up to 90% time saved from taking calls. CatchApp clients report saving on average 12 hours each week from accepting appointments by phone!

Put Scheduling on your website!

Add your bookings form right to your website.

Share your link

Share your CatchApp link via email, put it on your signature, or add it to your social media. Add your link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Everywhere.

Get started now, and be set up in 5 minutes!

Helping businesses,adapt.

Due to Covid, I’ve been sitting at home without the ability to see clients. Signed up for a CatchApp bookings page, emailed it to my clients, and within the hour I had 3 pre-paid consultations booked! My schedule is now full, I don’t need to chase payments, and the whole thing runs itself. I love it, and recommend to everyone!

– Dr Jojo, TheVideoDentist