CatchApp Bookings is the perfect solution for any business or sole-trader that specialises in providing a service. Simply add your business availability and share your unique link on your social media, WhatsApp, or your website and your customers can book a time and pay in advance, if you wish.

Save your time!

Spend your time seeing clients, and not wasted coordinating appointments

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Scheduling on your website

Add your Bookings page to your website and your social platforms, and accept appointments everywhere!

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Share your link

Your Bookings link can be added to your email signature, shared via Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp… Everywhere!

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Professionals spend 10% of their working week scheduling meetings. CatchApp Bookings is here to change that – for good. Our smart scheduling technology can help you seize back hundreds of hours of wasted admin, making your scheduling efforts up to 10 times faster!

Time is money: your business loses an average of 20 hours a week on wasted scheduling time: that adds up globally to a whopping $541bn. CatchApp’s software is a game changer. Our features were built to serve the needs of professionals, freelancers, and SMEs.

Get greater brand visibility in an instant by sharing your link anywhere where you are. Make your mark with your virtual business card and PA, in one. Why? Because we understand that your business is as unique as the people that make it.

Accept payments

Never chase payments again! Set your price, and get paid when your clients book.

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No double-bookings

Displays only your available times. Relax. Impossible to double-book your time.

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Timezone intelligence

Easy, and smart timezone detection for your invitees, and for your page.

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Built to enable any business to accept client appointments 24/7, CatchApp Bookings allows you to take prepayments. Prepayments can empower your business. Fill your calendar, save time, and maximise your earnings.

CatchApp shares only the times you offer – not your whole calendar. Not only does CatchApp Bookings sync with your calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook), we offer FREE integrated video calls for up to 100 participants. Ditch your premium external subs for CatchApp: we’re ad-free, commission-free and privacy-focused.

More international clients means more timezones to think about. CatchApp is here to help you and your business adapt to a fast-changing world. Whether you work remotely or freelance occasionally, you’re part of the flexible working revolution. With our intuitive and sophisticated software, forget about calculating timezones!

A booking system that runs your business

Your booking page will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone can visit it, and book an appointment anytime! Only your available times will be viewable, and you can adjust these from your personal dashboard.

No PA? No problem!

Accept bookings while you work. Time is money and we certainly know it. Eliminate the back and forth of finding a suitable time- update your times and clients will see your availability in real time.

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Accept appointments,

CatchApp Bookings is your digital receptionist, taking bookings for you with 24/7 access for your clients. Includes a Personal Control Panel for adjusting your availability. Let it, and it will fill your calendar, and boost your earnings!

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Trusted Worldwide

Helping businesses adapt.

Due to COVID, I was unable to see clients. I signed up to CatchApp Bookings, emailed my link to my clients, and had 3 pre-paid consultations booked within the hour! My schedule is now full, I don’t need to chase payments, and it runs itself! I love it, and recommend it to everyone!

– Dr J. McEwen, London, UK, TheVideoDentist

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Simple pricing

Just one plan, because we like to keep things simple. Try CatchApp Bookings FREE for 14days. No credit card required!

Still here? Start taking bookings in less time it takes to have a coffee!

Personalised masterclass session with our experts

Join now, and get a personalised 1-on-1 session with one of our experts. Our experts take the time to understand your business needs, and will help you super-charge your ability to increase your bookings, and maximise your earnings.

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  • Multi 1-1 Meetings
  • Group Polling
  • iOS, Android, Office365 Apps
  • 10x Faster scheduling