CatchApp’s Growth Story

Written by
Leo Kabbara
15th February 2023

Artboard 4v2CatchApp has a remarkable growth story. Starting out as a mobile app in 2016, the scheduling and appointment booking platform has now evolved into a fully functional desktop app, with advanced features that make it a leader in the industry. In this article, we will explore how CatchApp Bookings became a successful platform for businesses worldwide and the upcoming updates that will change the way people schedule even further.

From Startup to Innovator

Artboard 9@2xIn 2016, CatchApp started as a mobile app that aimed to simplify the process of booking appointments and managing schedules. CatchApp Meetings was designed with a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to book appointments quickly and easily. Initially, the app was used mainly by small businesses and independent professionals such as personal trainers, massage therapists, and tutors.

Over time, CatchApp grew in popularity as more and more businesses started using the app to manage their schedules. We recognized the need to expand our platform to offer more features, such as the ability to sync with popular calendar apps and to create a desktop version of the app that would allow users to manage their schedules on their computers.

As CatchApp continued to grow, they realized that they needed to focus on improving the customer experience. This led us to implement new features such as automatic appointment reminders, easy rescheduling, and a comprehensive event types editor that allowed businesses to tailor their appointments to their needs and requirements.

An experience is worth a thousand features

One of the key factors in CatchApp Bookings’ success was their commitment to staying ahead of their competitors.  This competitive edge allowed the company to stay ahead of the curve and keep customers coming back for more.

In addition to its commitment to innovation, CatchApp Bookings built a strong community of productivity enthusiasts who are benefitting from the platform. With this in mind, we made 4x more revenue in 2022 than the year before, with 4x as much MRR and a 4x increase in the lifetime value of our customers. This was achieved through a combination of increased customer acquisition, reduced churn rates, and higher spending per customer, which increased by 50%.

booked (half) calendarAs the company continued to grow, it saw a 75% decrease in its churn rate, indicating that its focus on improving the customer experience was paying off. They also saw a 3x increase in the number of customers using their platform, indicating that their efforts to reach a wider audience were successful.

In 2023, CatchApp Bookings had come a long way since its humble beginnings as a mobile app. With a fully functional desktop app and a suite of advanced features, the company had firmly established itself as a leader in the scheduling and booking space. Their focus on innovation, revenue growth, and customer experience helped them to achieve remarkable success, and they continued to look for new ways to improve their platform and stay ahead of the competition.

Shirt & Tie successSince launching CatchApp Bookings, the company gained close to 2,500 subscriptions in the past two years and grown its user base by 40% in just three months. Its sales conversion to paying users pipeline also increased by 200% due to the added convenience and flexibility offered by the new service. The app’s calendar synchronization experience has become more streamlined and intuitive, making it easier for users to schedule appointments and manage their time. These improvements have resulted in a significant boost in customer satisfaction, as well as a growing demand for CatchApp’s products and services.


CatchApp Bookings has always believed in the power of partnerships to deliver value to their customers. Over the years, they have collaborated with more than 20 companies in the industry, including popular platforms like, Nimbus, Seers, CarbonWeb, and Hints, among many others.

These collaborations have enabled CatchApp Bookings to help even more professionals and businesses with their scheduling and appointment booking needs. The company’s commitment to building impactful partnerships has not slowed down, and there are many more collaborations planned for 2023. These partnerships are part of CatchApp Bookings’ mission to make scheduling and booking appointments easier and more efficient for as many people as possible.

analysing dataIn addition to building impactful partnerships, CatchApp Bookings has also made impressive strides in their advertising performance. Over the past year, they have seen gradual yet positive improvement in their ad metrics. This has been achieved through better budget allocation, targeted A/B testing, and a strong messaging that resonates with their audience. As a result, their click-through rate has increased by 35%, while their cost-per-click has decreased by 18%. Their conversion rate has also seen an improvement of 20%, resulting in a 25% increase in the number of new customers. These impressive metrics are a testament to CatchApp Bookings’ continued commitment to delivering value to their customers and growing their user base through effective marketing strategies.

To conclude, our proudest achievement was our focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) using powerful tools like HubSpot A/B testing and Google Optimize has made a significant impact on our business. We’ve achieved a 5x increase in free trial conversions, which is an amazing feat that our entire team is proud of. But it’s not just about driving more traffic to our website; we’ve also attracted 6x more higher-quality new users, which is a testament to our CRO efforts in driving the right kind of traffic.

Our optimizations have been effective at converting more visitors into trial users, as we generated 3x more trials in gross. And finally, our 5x increase in upgrades has resulted in a 500% increase in subscriptions, an astonishing accomplishment that highlights the power of CRO when done right. These incredible statistics are a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and showcase the remarkable impact that CRO and optimization tools can have on a business’s growth. We’re excited to continue investing in CRO and optimization techniques to drive even more growth in the future.

personal assistant

Finish Two Tasks with One Action

So, what’s next for CatchApp Bookings? Their upcoming updates will transform the way people schedule even further, providing more automation, language accessibility, and even more advanced features.

Stay tuned for more updates, as CatchApp Bookings continues to make scheduling and booking appointments a breeze!

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