Creative Director’s Secret to Effortlessly Scheduling Appointments

Written by
Leo Kabbara
17th May 2023

sharing a review-1-1Sarah Patel, a Creative Director at a creative agency, who oversees a team of 20 professionals, was facing challenges in scheduling meetings with clients and stakeholders. This task was time-consuming and posed a significant challenge for the team.

However, since implementing CatchApp Bookings, the scheduling process has become more efficient, eliminating the need for team members to spend hours coordinating schedules through emails and phone calls. This has resulted in more productive use of time and streamlined management of the scheduling process.

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Sarah discovered CatchApp Bookings while searching for a scheduling system that could streamline the meeting scheduling process. They were impressed with the platform’s ability to create a personalized booking page that clients could use to schedule meetings with team members at their own convenience.


Multi ethnic group of succesful creative business people using a laptop during candid meetingSarah used CatchApp Bookings to create a personalized booking page that clients could use to schedule meetings with their team members. They appreciated the platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly with their existing calendar applications, allowing them to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensuring that everyone was on the same page. They also appreciated the platform’s built-in reminder emails, which helped them keep track of upcoming meetings.

Sarah was able to save 3-4 hours every week by using CatchApp Bookings to streamline their meeting scheduling process. This allowed her team to focus on creating amazing campaigns for their clients, rather than spending valuable time coordinating schedules.


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By using CatchApp Bookings, Sarah and her team realized that the platform could help them streamline their appointment scheduling process and save valuable time.

They estimated that the platform saved them around 3-4 hours weekly, which they could now dedicate to their creative work.

Sarah was impressed with the effectiveness and innovation of CatchApp Bookings as a versatile scheduling solution for multiple industries and professionals. They appreciated the platform’s user-friendly interface, its ability to integrate seamlessly with their existing calendar applications, and its built-in reminder emails.

In her closing statement, “We highly recommend CatchApp Bookings to anyone struggling with their scheduling process. The platform has become an indispensable tool for our team and has allowed us to focus on what we do best – creating amazing campaigns for our clients. CatchApp Bookings is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their appointment scheduling process and save time.

Sarah recommends CatchApp for any Agencies looking for efficient scheduling.


Life in the business fast-lane doesn’t always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Sign up here to get started.

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