Revolutionizing Wedding Planning: A Wedissimo Case Study with CatchApp

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Dan Truman
20th February 2024

In the dynamic landscape of wedding planning, efficient communication, and seamless coordination are crucial. Wedissimo, the UK’s premier wedding-focused marketplace, found a transformative solution in CatchApp. Co-founder Andrew Bowker shares insights into how CatchApp became an integral part of revolutionizing their approach to wedding planning.

The Origin of Wedissimo: A Solution Born from Personal Experience

Andrew Bowker, co-founder of Wedissimo, identified a gap in the wedding planning process based on personal experiences. He and his co-founder realized that couples faced challenges in connecting with suppliers, leading to inefficiencies in the planning journey. This realization sparked the idea for Wedissimo, a platform designed to simplify the connection between couples and wedding suppliers.

Challenges Faced: Connecting Suppliers and Customers

One of the primary hurdles Wedissimo encountered was the difficulty in facilitating direct discussions between suppliers and customers. To address this, the company collaborated with CatchApp to develop a custom solution. This bespoke link allowed suppliers to engage in secure, safe, and confidential discussions seamlessly integrated with their calendars, preventing potential customer losses to direct supplier contacts.

Choosing CatchApp: A Simple, Customizable, and Efficient Solution

CatchApp emerged as the natural choice for Wedissimo due to its simplicity, ease of use, and quick adaptability. Having previously used CatchApp for other appointment types, Andrew and his team appreciated its effectiveness. The CatchApp team’s willingness to collaborate and customize the solution to fit Wedissimo’s specific requirements reinforced the decision.

Impactful Features of CatchApp on Wedding Planning

CatchApp’s features played a pivotal role in enhancing the wedding planning process for Wedissimo:

  • Team Accounts: Enabled efficient monitoring and optimization of the entire sales funnel.
  • Calendar Synchronization: Ensured perfect coordination with suppliers’ schedules.
  • Custom Availability Settings: Allowed suppliers to set bespoke availability.
  • Reminders and Rerouting: SMS and email reminders, along with the ability to reroute customers back to the marketplace, streamlined the booking process.
  • Tangible Results and Improvements: A Significant Increase in Sales
  • Since implementing CatchApp, Wedissimo witnessed remarkable results:
  • A 100% increase in sales over two months attributed to CatchApp.
  • An 800% increase in appointments booked.
  • While supplier satisfaction saw an upward trend, the tangible improvements in sales and appointments showcased the platform’s efficacy.

Customer Support Excellence with CatchApp

Wedissimo’s experience with CatchApp’s customer support was characterized by brilliance and bespoke assistance. Andrew highlighted the direct access to the entire technical and commercial team, emphasizing the value of CatchApp’s dedicated support.

Future Plans and Continued Support from CatchApp

Looking ahead, Wedissimo envisions leveraging CatchApp to:

Grow the supplier base: Introducing different types of appointments to drive growth.

Reduce customer acquisition costs: Implementing customizations such as sub-accounts and dashboards.


Wedissimo’s journey with CatchApp exemplifies how innovative solutions can revolutionize traditional processes. The partnership resulted in increased efficiency, substantial growth, and an enhanced experience for both suppliers and couples. As the wedding-focused marketplace continues to evolve, the collaboration with CatchApp remains integral to its success.

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