Add a Buffer (How To)

Adding a buffer time between appointments is a smart scheduling technique that can help you stay organized, minimize stress, and ensure a smooth flow throughout your day. With CatchApp, you have the flexibility to add buffer time to your events, allowing you to have a breather, prepare for the next appointment, or simply avoid any overlapping schedules. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding a buffer to your appointments on CatchApp, enabling you to optimize your time and enhance your productivity.

Adding a Buffer on CatchApp

You are able to customise

1) Login to your CatchApp account.
2) Go to the “Event Types” page.
3) Select the event type for which you want to add a buffer.
4) Look for the “Buffer Time” setting and click on it.
5) Specify the duration of the buffer time you want to add (e.g., 10 minutes, 15 minutes).
6) Save your changes.

Understanding the Importance of Buffer Time

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Before diving into adding buffer on CatchApp, let’s explore why it’s important to include buffer time in your schedule:

– Avoid Overlapping Appointments: Buffer time ensures that you have sufficient breathing space between appointments, preventing back-to-back meetings and allowing you to wrap up the previous one and prepare for the next.

– Reduce Stress and Improve Focus: Buffer time provides a mental break, allowing you to regroup, gather your thoughts, and transition smoothly from one appointment to another. It reduces the feeling of being rushed and enhances your focus during each meeting.

– Handle Unexpected Delays: Buffer time acts as a buffer for unexpected delays, such as a meeting running longer than anticipated or traffic congestion. It provides a cushion to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances without disrupting your entire schedule.

What can I do now?

Now that you have learned how to add a buffer to your appointments on CatchApp, you can:

  • Schedule buffer time between appointments to allow for transitions and preparation.
  • Minimize stress and create a more organized and productive schedule.
  • Maintain flexibility to handle unexpected delays or changes in your day.

Outcomes for this…

By incorporating buffer time into your schedule, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Improved time management and reduced scheduling conflicts.
  • Enhanced focus and productivity during each appointment.
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to unexpected changes without disruption

To take it to the next level:

  • Fine-tune your availability
  • Create and manage your events
  • Add CatchApp Booking links to your Social Profile for quick, anytime access

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Written by
Leo Kabbara
12th June 2023

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CatchApp Bookings is an easy scheduling tool made for businesses and professionals to save 5 hours of time weekly!

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What are Event Types?

Event Types allows you to create multiple appointment types for all the different types of appointments you need to schedule. You can set the appointment duration, location and availability separately for each event-type, in addition to Advanced Settings to refine your bookings.

How will using CatchApp impact me?

When you get started, you will save on average 5 hours per week from admin scheduling which allows you to get a 30% increase in productivity which includes a revenue boost as well. Meetings will be higher quality and will see significant improvement in attendance of attendees.

Not mentioning how CatchApp is designed to seamlessly connect with not only your calendar but to a unlimited amount of apps through automations, supercharging your tech-stack and improving your workflow.

How does CatchApp differ from competitor products/services?

Our product is more intuitive, faster to set-up, most importantly we provide customer support live 24/7 directly on the platform, via email and we offer to go on a video call to personalize and support the service and user-experience for each customer (to ensure each of our customers get the most out of the platform).

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What is the difference between the free trial and the paid version?

The paid subscription version of CatchApp Bookings gives you access to unlimited event-types, scheduled meetings, SMS and Email reminders, access to over 3000 integrations, and a plethora of customisation options but the free trial does not.

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