CatchApp Security and Privacy


How we keep your data secure

At CatchApp, your privacy is our top priority.

Our Privacy Policy describes how data is processed here at CatchApp.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at


How we use your personal data

When you sign up to CatchApp, you share your details with us. This is your “account data“.

This allows us to verify who you are to secure your account when logging in to CatchApp Bookings and helps us to assist you when dealing with your account.

CatchApp has security experts to help meet our rigorous privacy and security standards. Our policies, procedures, and technologies enable us to comply with and exceed industry standard requirements.

Data Hosting

Amazon Web Services

AWS continually monitors its data centres for risk and undergoes assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.
Learn more about AWS Privacy

Google Analytics

Backups are replicated between AWS and Google Cloud Platform for high redundancy.

Flurry Analytics

Used for collecting data about iOS and Android app performance to improve functionality.


CatchApp’s account Support and our product’s Chat Boxes are through HubSpot.


CatchApp collects data about Web App performance to improve functionality.
Learn more about Intercom’s Privacy


Used to send out SMS messages (e.g. PIN messages when you sign-up).


Used for sending emails (e.g. the welcome email when you sign up).


​CatchApp uses third-party services that collect log data to improve performance & functionality.

This log data is used for troubleshooting, statistics, analytics, quality assurance, and monitoring system security which is used to analyse CatchApp’s usage to improve and update the user experience.

All of your data is secured and accessible at your request. 


Security and compliance programs

Background checks

All CatchApp employees go through a thorough background check before hiring.


All employees are trained on security and data handling to ensure that they uphold our strict commitment to the privacy and security of your data.


All employees sign a confidentiality agreement before they start at CatchApp.

Mobile device management (MDM)

We secure our employees’ machines and laptops using mobile device management to ensure that each device follows our information security standards, including encryption.

Disaster Recovery (Business continuity)

We have recovery plans in place that replicate our database and back up the data onto multiple cloud providers to ensure business continuity.


We will only retain your data for as long as is legally necessary or in accordance with the purpose for which they were processed.

Your ‘Account Data’ and ‘Usage Data’ will be retained for as long as you are a user of our services so that we can continue to provide the best service possible to you.


Application security measures

Login credential protection (2FA)

When signing up or logging into the platform, you will undergo a Two-factor login authentication to gain access to your account. As only you can access your 2FA, only you can access your confirmed bookings; and no one else will. 


For Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Office 365 calendar connections, CatchApp never collects passwords when you are connecting with your accounts. This also applies to our video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. 

Vulnerability scanning

We keep our systems up to date with the latest security patches and continuously monitor for new vulnerabilities through compliance and security mailing lists.


Email reminders-1Permissions in CatchApp for iPhone

CatchApp requests access to your phone contacts in order to send meeting invites on your behalf and to let you know when your phone contacts join CatchApp.

This only applies to CatchApp Meetings.


The hosting facilities for CatchApp are situated in the UK.

Our notification and analytics providers are situated in the US, Ireland and Israel. The European Commission has made an “adequacy decision” with respect to the data protection laws of each of these countries. Transfers to each of these countries will be protected by appropriate safeguards.


Learn more about our Privacy Policies here


Written by
Leo Kabbara
17th June 2022

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What is CatchApp?

CatchApp Bookings is an easy scheduling tool made for businesses and professionals to save 5 hours of time weekly!

Make it possible for your clients to make appointments with you whenever & wherever saving you time.

What are Event Types?

Event Types allows you to create multiple appointment types for all the different types of appointments you need to schedule. You can set the appointment duration, location and availability separately for each event-type, in addition to Advanced Settings to refine your bookings.

How will using CatchApp impact me?

When you get started, you will save on average 5 hours per week from admin scheduling which allows you to get a 30% increase in productivity which includes a revenue boost as well. Meetings will be higher quality and will see significant improvement in attendance of attendees.

Not mentioning how CatchApp is designed to seamlessly connect with not only your calendar but to a unlimited amount of apps through automations, supercharging your tech-stack and improving your workflow.

How does CatchApp differ from competitor products/services?

Our product is more intuitive, faster to set-up, most importantly we provide customer support live 24/7 directly on the platform, via email and we offer to go on a video call to personalize and support the service and user-experience for each customer (to ensure each of our customers get the most out of the platform).

Can I get support on the Platform itself?

Certainly, each page will have a chat box on the bottom right, click on it and tell us what issue you’re facing and you should receive a response from one of our experts in no time (expect delay from 5 minutes to 30 minutes)

Can I claim my free complimentary demo?


Anyone who wants to use CatchApp is entitled to a 1-to-1 session with one of our experts. Just get in touch to request your session here.

What is the difference between the free trial and the paid version?

The paid subscription version of CatchApp Bookings gives you access to unlimited event-types, scheduled meetings, SMS and Email reminders, access to over 3000 integrations, and a plethora of customisation options but the free trial does not.

I have a general question!

Email us at for specific questions relating to your subscription or more general questions about our products.

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