Booking Confirmation Redirect

Written by
Leo Kabbara
5th September 2023

At CatchApp Bookings, we’re committed to giving you the tools you need to enhance your scheduling process. We’re thrilled to introduce Booking Confirmation Redirect. With this powerful addition, you can now guide your attendees seamlessly to any URL of your choice after they’ve confirmed their booking, ensuring a tailored and informative experience.

The Impact of Booking Confirmation Redirect

Imagine you’ve just scheduled a crucial client meeting. After confirming their booking, wouldn’t it be great to direct them to a specific landing page with relevant information or a video introducing your services? With Booking Confirmation Redirect, achieving this level of customization is a breeze.

Benefits of Booking Confirmation Redirect:

  1. Personalized Engagement: Take your attendees on a personalized journey by redirecting them to a page that aligns with your event’s purpose, be it a product showcase, a webinar registration, or your business homepage.
  2. Enhanced Brand Experience: Maintain a consistent brand experience by guiding attendees to your website, ensuring they stay within your carefully crafted online ecosystem.
  3. Increased Conversion Opportunities: Utilize this feature to encourage further actions from your attendees, such as signing up for newsletters or exploring additional resources.

How Booking Confirmation Redirect Works

Utilizing Booking Confirmation Redirect is a straightforward process:

  1. Access Your Event Types: Log in to your CatchApp Bookings account and navigate to the event for which you want to set up the redirect.
  2. Choose Your Redirect URL: Specify the URL you want your attendees to visit after confirming their booking. This could be your website’s homepage, a product page, an informative video, or any other relevant destination.
  3. Save and Elevate: Once you’ve defined the redirect URL, save your settings, and watch as your attendees are seamlessly directed to the specified destination upon confirming their booking.

Get Started Today

CatchApp Bookings’ Booking Confirmation Redirect empowers you to guide your attendees with precision, creating a tailored and engaging experience. Whether you want to promote specific content, foster brand loyalty, or maximize conversion opportunities, Booking Confirmation Redirect is the solution.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a trial today and experience the convenience and customization that Booking Confirmation Redirect brings to your scheduling. Elevate your attendees’ experience by directing them where you want – streamline your post-booking process with CatchApp Bookings!

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