CatchApp & ESL

Hey there, savvy software developers and project managers! We’re thrilled to introduce you to an exciting partnership that’s all about enhancing your external meetings and software development workflow. CatchApp, your go-to platform for streamlined appointment management, has teamed up with ESL (Engineering Software Lab), a leading provider of innovative software development tools and services. While not directly integrated, our collaboration presents some incredible use cases that can truly transform the way you manage meetings and software projects.

A Sneak Peek into ESL’s Cutting-Edge Portfolio

ESL is at the forefront of software development innovation, offering a range of top-tier tools and services that can supercharge your workflow. Think of a single board where you can effortlessly track your team’s progress and projects, Squish – the ultimate GUI test automation tool trusted by companies globally, and Squish Coco – a powerful code coverage tool that helps you maintain code quality without altering your source code. And let’s not forget Perforce Version Control, ensuring speedy and scalable version management for your projects.

Unlocking the Potential: How CatchApp and ESL Collaborate for You

Now, let’s dive into how you, as a savvy software professional, can leverage CatchApp and ESL to optimize your external meetings and project management:

Use Case: Streamlined Client Meetings and Agile Development

Imagine you’re a software development lead who frequently meets with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Here’s how CatchApp and ESL can seamlessly integrate into your workflow:

  1. Effortless Appointment Scheduling: Use CatchApp to schedule client meetings with ease. Share your personalized CatchApp booking link, allowing external parties to book appointments at their convenience.
  2. Project Planning and Progress Tracking: Incorporate your CatchApp appointments into your board, where you manage everything from project tasks to timelines. Assign appointments to specific projects or tasks, ensuring alignment between meetings and development milestones.
  3. Quality Assurance Made Easier: Employ ESL’s Squish Coco to assess code coverage in your projects. This ensures that the software you’re developing meets the highest quality standards, while you focus on delivering excellence during your external meetings.
  4. Special Promotions and Collaboration: As part of our exciting collaboration, CatchApp and ESL are thrilled to offer exclusive promotions to our respective communities. Expect value-packed deals that combine the power of CatchApp’s appointment management and ESL’s cutting-edge software tools. Plus, we’re here to assist you in setting up this winning combination through a personalized Zoom call. Let’s explore how CatchApp and ESL can work hand-in-hand to elevate your software development journey and external meetings.

Ready to Take the Leap?

CatchApp and ESL are joining forces to revolutionize how you manage external meetings and software development. With CatchApp’s seamless appointment scheduling and ESL’s innovative software tools, you’re in for a productivity and quality boost like never before.

Get ready to make the most out of our partnership by capitalizing on special promotions and personalized setup support through a call. Reach out to us today and embark on a journey towards more efficient meetings and top-tier software development!

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