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27th February 2023
Written by
Leo Kabbara


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download (1)Austin Okai, founder of Africans In Orlando, was searching for a scheduling solution to manage meetings and bookings effectively and efficiently. Africans In Orlando provides event production, digital agency services, and small business coaching in Orlando, Florida.

Austin, like many other founders, was facing the challenge of coordinating appointments that were free of conflicts, had proper confirmation and reminders, and were easy to set.

This resulted in a struggle to effectively and efficiently manage meetings and bookings in one central location, leading to a lot of wasted time. The lack of a streamlined scheduling system resulted in missed appointments, scheduling conflicts, and miscommunication, causing frustration and loss of business opportunities for Austin. This made it difficult for Austin to keep up with the demands of his business and resulted in an inefficient use of his time and resources.

After struggling with coordinating appointments manually, Austin decided to search for a scheduling app to help meet his needs. However, he was disappointed to find that many of the apps he tried failed to meet his requirements and targets. That changed when he discovered CatchApp Bookings, which offered the best calendar booking and meeting system he had used so far, despite having tried many others. With CatchApp, Austin was finally able to effectively book meetings and streamline his scheduling process.



After onboarding with CatchApp, Austin immediately experienced the benefits of the platform’s great options for meeting types and a dedicated page for each type. This made it easier for him to manage his appointments and keep track of different meeting types.

The reminders feature is helping him stay on top of his schedule, ensuring that he never missed an important appointment. Additionally, the calendar sync feature allowed him to seamlessly sync all his appointments in one place, saving him time and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.

With CatchApp, Austin was able to improve his productivity and streamline his scheduling process, making it a valuable tool in his day-to-day operations.



Austin was able to save an impressive 5 hours per week on appointment organization. The platform made scheduling appointments less tedious and reduced the number of no-shows with its SMS reminder feature. This resulted in a very consistent attendance rate for all of his meetings, making his life easier and freeing up his time.

By reducing the number of missed appointments, Austin was able to save time that he would have otherwise spent rescheduling, improving his productivity and streamlining his schedule. This led him to enjoy the benefits of a well-organized schedule, giving him more time to focus on growing his business.

In his closing statement, he stated “After trying multiple booking apps, I can confidently say that CatchApp is the best. Its versatile meeting type options, dependable SMS reminders, intuitive design, and individualized pages for each appointment type make it a cut above the rest. Thanks to CatchApp, I can finally manage my appointments with efficiency and effectiveness.

Austin confidently recommends CatchApp for B2B organizations in need of an effective scheduling solution!

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