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16th February 2023
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MAC-ARTHUR-1Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis works as a U.S. based Attorney and Mediator, and is co-founder of InstantMediations.com (IM), an organization focused on helping mediators worldwide provide a simple solution: use modern technology to help people in conflict access online mediators instantly, anytime, from anywhere to help resolve their legal disputes

Mac-Arthur carries IM’s mission into his law and mediation practice. He faces multiple potential clients each day, each needing to get on his busy schedule. It can be difficult to arrange for getting individual/unique cases onto his calendar. He has to ensure all visitors contacting his office are booked efficiently and don’t bleed into his other existing casework at the firm.

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Mac-Arthur looked into many calendar management & scheduling solutions to resolve the calendar chase common to busy customer service organizations. Many of those solutions lacked the simplicity and ease to meet the needs of his office team or address his own need for an efficient scheduling workflow. Inefficiency in office bookings would have a significant impact on his team’s progress and productivity.

After stumbling upon CatchApp Bookings, he’s discovered a tool that fits perfectly into his tech stack and provides the efficiency he urgently needed.

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Video ConferencingxAfter purchasing his CatchApp licenses, he found it extremely easy and quick to set up the integrations and sub-users with the help of the CatchApp support team who was responsive to their requests.Mac-Arthur loved how quickly he was able to embed his Booking Page in minutes on his website.

He particularly enjoyed the design and presentation of the user interface and how manageable everything was.

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Mac-Arthur saw significant improvement in saving time as previously the firm would receive at least 5 potential new-client calls a day, something that could take 10 minutes per call address. Some potential new clients would require 15 mins of intro time to address their concerns, followed by another 5 minutes of follow-up. In some cases, it would take 30 minutes by phone to arrange a legal or mediation appointment (almost an hour’s worth of scheduling per potential client).

With this in mind, Mac-Arthur would have saved 20+ hours a week for him and his team with a streamlined online scheduling booking tool.

In his closing statement, he said CatchApp was “Effective for online meetings, very innovative, not just a calendar management system but a solution that appeals to multiple industries and professionals saves time, and gets bookings quickly”.

He recommends CatchApp for any Legal Professional in need of efficient scheduling.

Life in the business fast-lane doesn’t always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Sign up here to get started.

CatchApp. Scheduling, genius.

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