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Written by
Leo Kabbara
19th May 2023

As a Project Manager, Samantha Green is responsible for overseeing multiple projects and collaborating with internal teams, clients, and vendors. Her role involves scheduling numerous meetings and appointments daily, which can be time-consuming and often leads to scheduling conflicts.

Samantha tried various scheduling tools in the past, but none met her specific scheduling needs until she discovered CatchApp Bookings. With CatchApp Bookings, she was able to create customized booking pages and links for each of her team members, allowing clients to schedule meetings with them directly. CatchApp Bookings also seamlessly integrates with her calendar and video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, making scheduling appointments hassle-free.

Businesswoman doing conference presentation in meeting room

CatchApp Bookings has been a lifesaver for me and my team. We’ve been able to eliminate the back and forth of scheduling appointments and free up more time to focus on other essential tasks” says Samantha.


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The event types feature is particularly useful for Samantha, as it allows her to customize booking pages for each project and assign the right team members to each event. The built-in reminders feature also ensures that clients and team members are notified of upcoming meetings, which has significantly reduced no-shows.

Since implementing CatchApp Bookings, Samantha has saved an average of 3-4 hours per week, giving her more time to focus on project management and team collaboration. “I highly recommend CatchApp Bookings to any project manager looking for a scheduling solution that is efficient, customizable, and user-friendly,” says Samantha.

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CatchApp Bookings has proved to be an effective and innovative scheduling solution and the company plans to continue using it to streamline their scheduling process.”

In her closing statement “Overall, CatchApp Bookings has had a significant positive impact on my productivity and the productivity of my team. Thanks to the platform’s seamless integration with our calendar and video conferencing tools, as well as its customizable booking pages and built-in reminders, we’ve been able to save valuable time and improve our communication with clients and team members. I’m thrilled with the results we’ve seen since implementing CatchApp Bookings, and I’m confident that it will continue to be an essential tool for our scheduling needs in the future.”

She recommends CatchApp for B2B Franchises looking for efficient scheduling.

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