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13th December 2023
Written by
Leo Kabbara


More Time Saved from Admin


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Reduction in No-Shows in Meetings


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Time is of the essence. As a business owner, it’s essential to have a reliable and efficient system in place to manage your appointments and bookings.

This is where CatchApp Bookings comes in.

Meet Thai Martin from Design and Develop io who leveraged CatchApp Bookings to improve his business operations. Design and Develop io is a company that specializes in website design and development, graphic and motion design, and website coaching and consultation. They work with clients across various industries and time zones, making it challenging to manage their appointments and bookings efficiently.

Before implementing CatchApp BookingsThai Martin faced several challenges in managing his appointments and bookings. He spent a considerable amount of time on administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and managing his calendar. Additionally, he struggled with double bookings, which led to confusion and frustration among his clients.

To address these challenges, Thai Martin decided to implement CatchApp Bookings. He was impressed by the platform’s intuitive interface and powerful features, such as two-way sync with all major calendars, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. He was also pleased with the platform’s ability to send email and SMS reminders to his clients, reducing no-shows significantly.

Since implementing CatchApp BookingsThai Martin has experienced several key benefits. He has saved time on administrative tasks, allowing him to focus on growing his business. He has also improved clarity and reduced confusion among his clients, thanks to the platform’s easy-to-use interface. Additionally, he has been able to work across multiple time zones seamlessly, making it an indispensable service for coordinating meetings.

Throughout the implementation process, Thai Martin found the support and assistance from the CatchApp Bookings team to be truly exceptional.

From the initial onboarding to addressing specific queries, the team showcased a remarkable level of responsiveness and dedication.

Thai Martin was pleasantly surprised by the team’s proactive approach, as they not only guided him through the setup process but also took the time to understand the unique needs of Design and Develop io.

Thai Martin appreciated not only the technical guidance but also the strategic insights offered by the team, showcasing a holistic approach to support

The added ability to send email and SMS reminders became a crucial tool in reducing no-shows and enhancing client engagement.

The easy-to-use interface brought clarity to client interactions, reducing confusion and frustration. CatchApp Bookings became instrumental in navigating multiple time zones, facilitating seamless coordination for meetings and consultations.

In conclusion, CatchApp Bookings has been a game-changer for Thai Martin and Design and Develop io. The platform’s powerful features and intuitive interface have allowed him to streamline his business operations, save time, and improve clarity. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient system to manage your appointments and bookings, CatchApp Bookings is the way to go!

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