Protecting Client’s Confidentially with Qualifying Questions

Written by
Leo Kabbara
1st January 2020

MAC-ARTHUR-1Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis, a highly successful attorney at Pierre-Louis & Associates, faced a major pain point in his work: protecting sensitive cases from multiple clients. His work involved dealing with a large number of clients, and often their cases overlapped or were related, creating a conflict of interest.

He had used multiple systems in the past to manage his bookings, but none of them had provided a solution to his specific problem. That’s when he discovered CatchApp Bookings through an AppSumo deal, which promised to save him time and help him manage his bookings more effectively.

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Mac-Arthur was impressed with the platform and how it resolved the conflict of interest by ensuring availability and access for meetings. He found that CatchApp’s Qualifying Questions feature was particularly helpful in preventing conflicts of interest. Before a booking could be made, he ensured that the client was not an opponent to any existing party that was currently or previously a client of the firm. This made life much easier for Mac-Arthur and helped keep court cases balanced without getting in trouble with the law.


Mac-Arthur’s conflict of interest issue is not unique to his practice, as it is a challenge faced by many law firms. However, the consequences of not handling conflicts of interest properly can be devastating for both the clients and the law firm. In fact, failing to detect or manage conflicts of interest can result in a violation of ethical and professional standards, leading to legal and financial repercussions, as well as reputational damage.


As legal professionals, they have a duty to ensure that their client’s interests are always at the forefront. They must do everything in their power to maintain the integrity of our profession, and that includes implementing systems that prevent conflicts of interest from arising. By using efficient scheduling tools like CatchApp, they can be confident that we are doing everything possible to ensure that their clients receive the best possible legal advice, without any negative consequences.

Mac-Arthur’s commitment to resolving his conflict of interest issue through the use of CatchApp’s online scheduling tool is a shining example of how legal professionals can make a real difference in the lives of their clients. By leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work, they can continue to provide unparalleled legal services to those who need them most, without compromising on our professional and ethical standards. Ultimately, it is their clients who benefit the most from their dedication to doing things right, every time.


business-Professional_time-managementIn addition to resolving the conflict of interest problem, CatchApp Bookings also helped Mac-Arthur and his team work faster with slower and more intense workflows. The system saved him 8-12 hours a week handling different types of client cases, allowing him to focus on the more important aspects of his work.

CatchApp’s Qualifying Questions feature also helped Mac-Arthur to resolve a major privacy and legal problem that previously occurred due to conflicts of interest. This made the process much easier and streamlined, allowing him to arrange meetings with sensitive cases and retrieve the relevant information to do his job.


What-Is-The-Difference-Between-A-Lawyer-And-An-AttorneyDealing with sensitive cases, Mac-Arthur often faced problematic meetings that could potentially create a conflict of interest. For instance, he might have a client who is involved in a legal dispute with another person or organization, and he would need to ensure that he doesn’t have a conflict of interest with any of the parties involved. Additionally, he may have to decline a booking request if it turns out that the client has a relationship with a previous client or opposing party.

By using CatchApp Bookings’ Qualifying Questions feature, Mac-Arthur could quickly and easily gather information about the client’s case, previous clients, and other relevant details before making a booking. This helped him to avoid potential conflicts of interest, prevent difficulty with the law, and ultimately do his job more effectively.

Overall, CatchApp Bookings helped Mac-Arthur reach his goals by making the process more efficient and easier to manage. It also helped him to resolve many problematic meetings that caused conflicts of interest for court sessions against similar or related people. CatchApp Bookings’ Qualifying Questions feature proved to be a valuable tool for Mac-Arthur and his team, allowing them to work more effectively and focus on their clients’ needs.

He said this has helped him and his clients greatly and recommends to any legal firm facing the same dilemma of sensitive cases bleed-over

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