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Leo Kabbara
18th October 2022

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Scheduling software—whether it’s appointment booking or meeting scheduling—removes a lot of the friction, but you need to know how to make the most of it even if you don’t use technology like your toilet paper.

Here’s why scheduling software is a must-have and how you can do more with it.

Why do you need it?

calendarsyncSpeaking from experience, it can take anywhere from four to ten exchanged emails discussing time zones, availability, and the length of calls just to set up a single meeting. This is inherently frustrating and time-consuming when it’s done at scale, and it only becomes more complicated when I need to get on a call with multiple people at once who all have unique schedules

Scheduling software prevents this.

What can you do with it?

marketers_successOne thing I loved about scheduling software was that it pushed me to automate my schedule. I’d leave an hour or two open several days a week, which could be used for impromptu meetings or scheduled calls. And if the calls didn’t end up being booked, that was just more time for me to work on other stuff.

If you’re worried about being overscheduled, you can also set up scheduling limits. If you want to accept appointments until fully booked, you can, but you can also ensure that you have a max number of calls or hours of calls per day if you choose.

This includes

  • Automatically creating a unique Google Meet or Zoom link for new calls and sending it to both parties
  • Confirming the appointment through email
  • Sending a reminder email to both parties before the call takes place
  • Requiring payment upon appointment booking so you don’t need to send a separate invoice
  • And, if the user decides to cancel or reschedule, all of that happens automatically and frees up the slot for others to snatch up later. The details can be pushed to your Google (or other) calendar, too, so you aren’t waiting on an appointment that won’t come.

The right meeting scheduler like CatchApp helps you get meetings onto your calendar quickly and efficiently. You can keep the productivity going by automating your scheduling workflows and even automating meeting action items. That way, it’s not just the scheduling that’s a breeze, but the entire process that follows

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