Building CatchApp Bookings: How we’ve built an intuitive scheduler
15th December 2023
Written by
Oliver Lamming


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As the CTO & Development Lead, I have been responsible for making and expanding CatchApp Bookings, and today I want to take you on a journey through the development of CatchApp, specifically focusing on CatchApp Meetings, and its evolution into CatchApp Bookings. Strap in; it’s been quite the ride!

How it started

The Genesis: CatchApp Meetings

It all began with CatchApp Meetings, our first foray into the world of mobile app development. We wanted to create a simple, user-friendly solution for scheduling meetings and appointments on the go. It was a thrilling endeavour, but as we dove deeper into the project, we realised there was so much more we could offer to businesses and professionals.

CatchApp Meetings initially catered to individuals, allowing them to effortlessly schedule meet-ups with friends, family, and acquaintances. However, as our user base grew, we started receiving feedback from small businesses and independent professionals.

They saw the potential in our platform for their needs, recognising the value of streamlining appointment scheduling. This feedback led us to develop CatchApp Bookings, a specialised solution tailored to their requirements. This evolution allowed us to extend our reach and provide a broader audience with a powerful appointment scheduling tool.

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The Transition: CatchApp Bookings

The transition from CatchApp Meetings to CatchApp Bookings was an organic evolution fuelled by user feedback and our desire to create a comprehensive scheduling solution. Here’s how it unfolded:

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1. User-Centric Approach: With CatchApp Meetings, we focused on the basics – scheduling meetings and sending out invitations. However, we soon realised that our users needed more. They craved a tool that could handle diverse appointment types beyond meetings. CatchApp Bookings was born out of this need.

2. Expanding Features: We took the core principles of CatchApp Meetings – simplicity, mobility, and efficiency – and expanded upon them. CatchApp Bookings allowed users to create and manage various event types, transforming their scheduling needs into personalised Booking Pages.

3. Accessibility for All: One of the most exciting updates was our commitment to accessibility. We recognised that for our scheduler to truly shine, it needed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of language or ability. Our ongoing work in this area is something we’re incredibly proud of.

4. Seamless Integration: CatchApp Bookings wasn’t just a standalone tool; it seamlessly integrated with CatchApp Meetings. We wanted to ensure a smooth transition for our existing users, making it easy for them to embrace the enhanced features of CatchApp Bookings.

Frameworks and Development: Behind the scenes, the development process was intense but rewarding. We selected robust frameworks and technologies to bring CatchApp Bookings to life. We kept the user experience at the forefront, opting for React on the frontend to provide a responsive and interactive interface.

On the backend, Laravel on PHP powers our server, handling data storage, authentication, and the logic driving the scheduler. MySQL has served as our trusty database, ensuring efficient data management.

Handling Diverse Scenarios

We also recognised the importance of accommodating various scenarios in appointment scheduling:

  • Multi-Time Zone Support: Businesses span the globe, so we built in multi-time zone support to cater to users worldwide.
  • Language Accessibility: Our commitment to language accessibility meant that users could engage with CatchApp Bookings in their preferred language.
  • Custom Business Rules: We allowed users to set their own rules, such as appointment buffers and daily appointment limits, to suit their unique needs.
  • Integration Opportunities: Integration remained a core feature, enabling users to connect with other tools and systems seamlessly.

What makes CatchApp special?

Two-Way Sync

One of the core features is its robust two-way sync capability. This functionality was a game-changer for our users. It allowed them to seamlessly connect their CatchApp Bookings with other calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

Two-way sync ensured that any changes made in one calendar were instantly reflected in CatchApp Bookings and vice-versa. This eliminated the hassle of double-booking or missing appointments, providing users with a reliable scheduling experience. To achieve this, we implemented advanced APIs and synchronisation protocols, ensuring data integrity and real-time updates.

Multiple Direct Integrations

In today’s interconnected world, businesses rely on a multitude of tools and platforms to streamline their operations. Recognising this, we placed a strong emphasis on providing direct integrations within CatchApp Bookings. We understand that our users have diverse needs, so we integrated with popular CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and payment gateways.

Whether you’re managing customer data in HubSpot, sending email notifications through MailChimp, or accepting payments via Stripe, CatchApp Bookings seamlessly integrates with these solutions. This level of integration empowers businesses to centralise their workflow and data, saving time and reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Customer Input and Iteration

At CatchApp, we believe that the best products are built in collaboration with the users themselves. Throughout the development process, we actively sought and incorporated customer input. We conducted surveys, held feedback sessions, and closely monitored user behaviour to understand their pain points and requirements. This iterative approach allowed us to refine our product continually.

One clear example of this customer-centric approach was the introduction of customisable booking forms. Users requested the ability to gather specific information from their clients during the booking process. We listened and implemented customisable form fields, enabling businesses to collect data tailored to their needs. This feature not only enhanced user satisfaction but also made CatchApp Bookings even more versatile across different industries.

Platform Delivery

Delivering CatchApp Bookings as a robust and reliable platform was a top priority. We knew that businesses rely on our software for their critical scheduling needs, and any downtime or performance issues were unacceptable. To ensure seamless platform delivery, we implemented redundancy measures, load balancing, and rigorous testing.

Our platform was designed with scalability in mind. As more businesses adopted CatchApp Bookings, our infrastructure could easily handle increased user demand. This scalability ensured that our users could depend on the platform regardless of the size of their business or the volume of appointments they managed.

Exceptional Customer Support

One of the stand out features that truly distinguishes CatchApp Bookings from its competitors is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer support. While other scheduling platforms may offer basic support, CatchApp takes it a step further with our 24/7 customer support team.

Our dedicated support team is always just a click or call away, ready to assist users with any queries or issues they might encounter. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical problems, guiding users through new features, or addressing customisation requests, our team is there, ensuring a seamless experience.

Mobile Team for Rapid Development

In the fast-paced world of SaaS and B2B, adaptability and agility are crucial. CatchApp prides itself on having a mobile team that is not only skilled but also highly responsive to user needs. This team is constantly on the move, working tirelessly to deliver on user feature requests and minimise any platform flaws swiftly.

When users suggest improvements or encounter issues, our team doesn’t just acknowledge the feedback; they act on it promptly. This means that users can see their suggestions come to life in the form of new features or enhancements in record time. This agility sets CatchApp Bookings apart, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving solution.

User-Centric Development

This commitment to listening to users and delivering on their needs is a cornerstone of CatchApp’s development philosophy. We understand that our platform is only as strong as the input we receive from our valued user community. By actively engaging with user feedback, we’ve fostered a collaborative environment where customers feel heard and appreciated.

Our development roadmap is guided by the feedback and requests from users. This means that when users identify areas where the platform can be improved, or suggest new features that align with their needs, our team takes these suggestions seriously and works diligently to incorporate them into CatchApp Bookings.

Minimising Platform Flaws

In the competitive landscape of scheduling solutions, maintaining a reliable and glitch-free platform is paramount. CatchApp’s team is not only proactive in implementing new features but also vigilant in identifying and addressing any platform flaws. This proactive approach ensures that users can depend on CatchApp Bookings for seamless scheduling without disruptions.

By actively monitoring the platform’s performance and user experience, our team can detect and rectify any issues swiftly. This dedication to minimising platform flaws enhances the overall user experience, setting CatchApp Bookings apart as a dependable and trustworthy scheduling solution.

The Power of Accessibility

We also took a significant step toward making CatchApp Bookings more accessible to a global audience. Our dedication to language accessibility meant that users could interact with the platform in their preferred language. This not only expanded our user base but also demonstrated our commitment to inclusivity.

In conclusion, the journey from CatchApp Meetings to CatchApp Bookings was marked by a relentless focus on user needs, the development of core features like two-way sync and direct integrations, and a commitment to delivering a robust and accessible platform. This approach has solidified CatchApp Bookings’ position as a leading scheduling solution in the SaaS and B2B landscape. We are excited to continue evolving and meeting the changing needs of businesses and professionals worldwide.

Closing Thoughts

The journey from CatchApp Meetings to CatchApp Bookings has been a thrilling one, marked by innovation, user-centric development, and a commitment to accessibility. We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come, and we couldn’t have done it without the support and feedback of our amazing user community.

As developers, we know that the work is never truly done. CatchApp Bookings will continue to evolve, adapt, and grow to meet the changing needs of businesses and professionals worldwide. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from CatchApp!

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About the Author

Oliver Lamming | CTO & Development Lead

Oliver is a seasoned CTO and entrepreneur with a rich history of founding multiple mobile app businesses. Currently, he is the driving force behind the technology at CatchApp.

With a strong belief in open-source software, Oliver has proven experience in cross-platform coding and emerging tech. His expertise extends to early-stage investment and fundraising, skills that have proven invaluable in his career.

At CatchApp, Oliver leads a talented team with a shared vision: to transform how busy individuals and businesses schedule meetings and appointments. Their goal is to make each hour of the day more effective, boosting productivity for all users.


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