Why people don’t like Automated Schedulers

Written by
Leo Kabbara
18th October 2022

Not everyone is a fan of Automated Schedulers.

Now, this isn’t really true in hindsight, however for a second, imagine how much software they must have changed in so many years and how much money software giants would have earned off it.

You can’t really judge one’s opinion without looking at the root of their distaste for certain technology.

One thing that no one really thinks about consciously is technology. This all adds up to why some people dislike Automated Schedulers! In this article, we will discuss certain concerns these professionals may have and why a lot of them aren’t particularly true.

The Expectation of being Reachable 24/7

Jbooked calendarust like power is accompanied by responsibility, with technology comes irritability. Some Professionals dislike automated schedulers as they feel it creates an expectation of being very available.

They believe that they won’t have any ‘switch-off time, imagining they are expected to respond to emails, SMS and other communication even at 2 at night as someone across the world booked a meeting.

Thankfully this isn’t true as with CatchApp, you can block out times easily in seconds and reschedule at a moment’s notice so you won’t get booked at midnight or feel that all of your time and availability is dedicated to other external professionals you meet!

Being Stuck on a Computer Screen

marketer persona-1Many Professionals who aren’t used to the new norm of Online meetings feel threatened by the reduction of face-to-face communication. People don’t talk to each other as much anymore. 

Due to this, they see schedulers as purely online “only” when it comes to meetings but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With CatchApp, we offer various different meeting locations which also include both face-to-face and phone meetings which neither requires both parties to have both internet and a device present.

Unauthentic Experience

attendeesA major factor in people not liking schedulers is because they feel that they are being automated, they are not as important for any interaction and are just a block in one’s calendar.

This can be seen as insensitive as there is no human communication before the meeting takes place. 

Luckily for users and clients using CatchApp, the experience feel very personal and streamlined to make every booking count. Hosts are always within reach once a booking is confirmed and allows for communication to take place without making clients feel alienated in the process.

Forcing attendees to Book

Video ConferencingxCertain Professionals using Schedulers can be quite Direct or Passive-Aggressive with their links, throwing their booking links to clients and or telling them to book as the only option.

This too can be very insensitive and draws a lot of professionals away from schedulers as they feel this disrupts any external communication when providing their services and can be seen as lazy.

Thankfully, our users using CatchApp follows a Scheduling Etiquette which ensures every request comes with the utmost respect when sharing availability with others. 


Features_BookableLink (Light Mode)

There are many more however a lot of these are related to both certain professionals having Technophia and the professionals/businesses they book with not having the proper Scheduling Etiquette.

We don’t judge these professionals who had bad experiences with other schedulers or professionals with schedulers, we would like them to get the most out of their productivity and time.

If you happen to be one of these Professionals, definitely check out how non-tech enthusiasts can increase their success in meetings by using schedulers and if you are willing to give another chance, we’re here to help!

Book a time to discuss with us and we will ensure you can get the best from your meetings!

Learn why you need Scheduling Etiquette here!

Life in the business fast lane doesn’t always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. 

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