Hello. Meet CatchApp.

The most advanced scheduling platform, yet.

CatchApp is the easiest way to schedule all of life’s meetings. No more back and forth to find a time and date, no more hassle. Simply share when you’re free with the people you want to see. They pick a time that suits them and the meetings are confirmed in your calendar.

With CatchApp you can…

Invite One Person

CatchApp lets you offer one person several possible times to meet

Invite Several People (1-to-1)

CatchApp lets you offer several people your availability to meet 1-to-1

Invite a Group

CatchApp lets you organize groups events for work or with friends

And that’s not all…

Invites via email or SMS

You can send invites to anyone, even if they don’t have CatchApp

Syncs With Calendars

CatchApp syncs with iCal or GCal to show all your meetings in one place.

Stay In Control

No need to share your calendar. Offer the times that you choose.

It’s FREE…So, join the waitlist!

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